Original Kuso Manga Strips

These are some of the the kuso comic strip of some Anime I watched that I made some times back for a anime forum in China that is known as http://www.sosg.net…Which explained the following comic strips will be written in chinese,so I will apologize 1st for all my comrades who can’t read chinese here…For those who don’t know what’s the meaning of kuso-it means shit in japanese,so kuso comic strips meaning comic strips that makes fun or shxt out of the original anime story board

Asura Cry’in Season 1:

Book Of Bantora :

Book Of Bantora Book Of Bantora 02 Book Of Bantora 03 Book Of Bantora 4

Needless x Gurren Lagan:


The Sacred Blacksmith:

The Sacred Blacksmith

Since the page doesn’t have the space to withhold all my strips,the rest of my updates will be uploaded separately in my individual post

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