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I am a medical equipments dealer but I also quite fluent with Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator which I often use to make comic strips and wal

The arrival of the new Gundam series:Gundam AGE

It’s been a tradition of Bandai to announce a new Gundam series,so after the finishing of Gundam OO: Trail blazer,Bandai has yet announced the another new series:Gundam AGE Below is the scannings from the Japanese Megazine: Few understanding from the … Continue reading

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April New Anime Intro~Are You Ready?~

Firstly I would like to extend my apologies for some of my readers who is looking out for my updates.I have been very busy about my works recently that updating my blog have been keeping to slip off my mind.Without … Continue reading

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Happy Rabbit Chinese New Year!!!

Suzumiya bunny has just invaded your computer!!!But don’t worry,she just pulled Mikuru in her bunny suit just to wish a Happy Chinese New Year to everyone^^ Happy Chinese New Year again everyone^^

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Winter Anime 2011 Exposed!!!

Winter season anime list is out…but I must say….what a crisis for this season’s anime!!! A few that can be expected but the others is just…BOOORING!!! Below are the list for the next season of anime: Some preview of the … Continue reading

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Merry X’mas!!!Otaku Style…

It’s 1 day more before Chrismas and you are all alone?Logging into the net because you can’t find a girl to spend with during Chrismas Eve?Don’t worry,Oni-chan has brought some Santa Girl (Akihabara Style) from to make sure that … Continue reading

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The blog has a new name!!!

The old name “Malaysia Otaku Culture Diary” tends to carry a lot of  weight and tends to give a meaning that I have to report like 70% of the Otaku culture in Malaysia,which is quite a Mission Impossible for a … Continue reading

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Saber-chan’s Singapore Adventure

              Master seems to be very busy to update his blog lately,probably it will be best for me to help master at these times.But what should I write as an article?Hmm….I know !How about … Continue reading

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AFAX Event Coverage-Exhibits & Events

Hi guys,SO after watching all the cosplayers in the event from my last article,I assume alot of you is more curious of what is inside the events,right?Well,rejoice all you folks,for in this I will be give you a description of … Continue reading

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AFAX Event Coverage-Cosplayers

Hi,I just came back from AFA X at Singapore yesterday and I would say what a mind blaster it has been.As there is a lot that I would like to share with you guys about what I see and heard … Continue reading

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The war of baseball

After watching whole lots of baseball anime from the old Princess 9 (Thats a female baseball anime,but still…) to the recent Ookiku Furikabutte,my friend and I decided to look for a batting cage to put our skills to the test,and … Continue reading

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