Winter Anime 2011 Exposed!!!

Winter season anime list is out…but I must say….what a crisis for this season’s anime!!! A few that can be expected but the others is just…BOOORING!!!

Below are the list for the next season of anime:

Some preview of the upcoming animes (inclusives of some of the Spring season anime also:)

Apparently the Japanese folks are not so happy with the list of this season also,these are a few comments taken from Youtube by own Japanese folks after viewing the above video.

1.今期特に見たいものないんだが・・・期待できるのゾンビくらいだな    春に期待

  • Nothing that I really wanted to watch for this season but I guess the only one that expect will just be   Zombie (Kore wa Zombie desu ka )   Expecting for the Spring season
  • Nothing interesting….This is a ice age !    (p/s:I like this comment personally^^)
  • Expecting Sukedan (not very sure wat anime he is referring but my guess is Crimson Bullet Alia ) and Baka Test season 2 (Baka & Test & Summon Creature)   (p/s:Nope…he is expecting nothing from this season ^^)
Well ,for those who don’t a blank 3 months wait for the Spring season like myself,these are a few anime I will recommend:
  • IS:Infinite Stratos (Girls in power suit with big guns is a sure hit list in my heart^^)
  • Freezing (I don’t really know the story but it seems to be a quite serious story….with a lot of Fan service time with the gals ^^)
  • GOSICK (Gothic Lolita!!!!Yes, I have a serious illness for Gothic Lolita^^ That’s why it is called GOthic SICKness)
  • Beelzebub (popular series….but it seems to be a long series so I will only watched a few episodes only…continue if it is REALLY good)
  • Dragon Crisis (Don’t know the story,going for the nice artwork…)
  • Kore wa zombie desu ka (This looks interesting from the preview and the artwork,definitely a GO in my list)
  • Onii-chan no koto nanka zenzen suki janain dakara ne (You think that Oreno imouto title name is long?Well,this is even longer…What’s wrong with the sister topic and long title name?Can’t they make it short & nice?Damn…)

That’s all for the intro for the upcoming series,Happy New Year everyone ^^

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I am a medical equipments dealer but I also quite fluent with Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator which I often use to make comic strips and wal
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