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Malaysia International Toy Fair 2010

Some of the photos I have taken on my visit to Malaysia International Toy Fair 2010 which was organized at Mid Valley Kuala Lumpur.The toy fair although tends to smaller than what I expected(or from the sound of it…),give a … Continue reading

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Why Otaku stays single….

Ever wonder why a real otaku always single?Well…thats because you are not full otaku unless you do the below… Who says the legendary everything mix up curry only available in Anime? Otaku may be single but will never lack companion … Continue reading

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Strike Witches Extra Mission 01 (Kuso Manga Strip)

-As this is originally meant for a chinese forum,so it is all again in chinese… -And thus the two girls relationship flourishes and they live happily ever after? -And No,Miyafuji is not a M,if you know what I mean…. -Expect … Continue reading

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Strike Witches Season 2-More Kemono mimi+only panties…

After long time of waiting since season 1,finally the season 2 of strike witches is out…. For those who never watch Strike Witch at the first season and wonder what is the whole show is about only need to remember … Continue reading

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