Nico nico Character-Black Rock Shooter

The whole idea of writing of Black Rock Shooter (short:BRS) started when I asked a few of my Otaku comrades whether they know about the character.But apparently I know only a very few person actually heard of her and those who do only gets to know of her through the recent announcement of the anime OVA which is coming out at the end of June,when BRS have already been a hit 3 years ago.

BRS started as an original character under the pen of the creative Japanese animator HUKE at 29/04/2006 where it makes its 1st debut at HUKE Blogs. But of course BRS has not be able to make it big until Ryo from Supercell who uses this character and make it into a original song “Black★ Rock shooter” at 14/07/2008 on Niconico  using the infamous voice of the vocalroid Hatsume Miku ,which also started the whole myth about BRS is actually another deviation of Hatsume Miku (Calling BRS as the Black Miku),which is completely not true,judging that they merged together at year 2008 despite the similiar appearance of the twin long pony tail and chest part (yeah,their chest is probably A or even AA I say….*staring*)

About the OVA part,its all started last year when they finally decided to make a free animation (its free as it comes with Hobby Japan Magazine) about BRS.As I have mentioned earlier,the animation OVA is to be distributed later this month June.

Well,after talking for so long,you probably still wonders how’s the song “Black★ Rock shooter” goes, right? Well, here is something I found from Youtube…

And assuming that you might be also like to learn about the lyrics so that you can play sing along:-

ブラックロックシューター 何処へ行ったの?   Black Rock Shooter do ko e i tta no

闻こえますか?   ki ko e ma su ka

あとどれだけ叫べばいいのだろう   a to do re da ke sa be ba i i no da ro u

あとどれだけ泣くばいいのだろう   a to do re da ke na ke ba i i no da ro u

もうやめて わたしはもう走れない   mo u ya me te wa ta shi wa mo u ha shi re na i

いつか梦见た世界が闭じる   i tsu ka yu me mi ta se ka i ga to ji ru

真っ暗で明かりもない 崩れかけたこの道で   ma kku ra de a ka ri mo na i ku zu re ka ke ta ko no mi chi de

あるはずもないあの时の希望が见えた気がした   a ru ha zu mo na i a no to ki no ki bo u ga mi e ta ki ga shi ta

どうして   do u shi te

ブラックロックシューター 懐かしい记忆   Black Rock Shooter na tsu ka shi i ki o ku

ただ楽しかったあの顷を   ta da ta no shi ka tta a no ko ro wo

ブラックロックシューター でも动けないよ   Black Rock Shooter de mo u go ke na i yo

闇を駆ける星に愿いを もう一度だけ走るから   ya mi wo ka ke ru ho shi ni ne ga i wo mo u i chi do da ke ha shi ru ka ra

怖くて震える声でつぶやく わたしの名前を呼んで   ko wa ku te fu ru e ru ko e de tsu bu ya ku wa ta shi no na ma e wo yo n de

夜明けを抱く空 境界线までの距离 あともう一歩届かない   yo a ke wo da ku so ra kyo u ka i se n ma de no kyo ri a to mo u i ppo to do ka na i

こらえた涙があふれそうなの 今下を向かないで   ko ra e ta na mi da ga a fu re so u na no i ma shi ta wo mu ka na i de

止まってしまう   to ma tte shi ma u

未来を生きていたいんだ わかったの 思い出して   mi ra i wo i ki te i ta i n da wa ka tta no o mo i da shi te

强く 强く 信じるの   tsu yo ku tsu yo ku shi n ji ru no

そうよ   so u yo

ブラックロックシューター 优しい匈い   Black Rock Shooter ya sa shi i ni o i

痛いよ 辛いよ 饮み込む言叶   i ta i yo tsu ra i o no mi ko mu ko to ba

ブラックロックシューター 动いてこの足!   Black Rock Shooter u go i te ko no a shi

世界を超えて   se ka i wo ko e te

最初からわかっていた ここにいることを   sa i sho ka ra wa ka tte i ta ko ko ni i ru ko to wo

わたしのなかの 全ての勇気が   wa ta shi no na ka no su be te no yu u ki ga

火をともして   hi wo to mo shi te

もう逃げないよ   mo u ni ge na i yo

ブラックロックシューター ひとりじゃないよ   Black Rock Shooter hi to ri ja na i yo

声をあげて泣いたって构わない    ko e wo a ge te na i ta tte ka ma wa na i

ブラックロックシューター 见ていてくれる   Black Rock Shooter mi te i te ku re ru

今からはじまるの わたしの物语   i ma ka ra ha ji ma ru no wa ta shi no mo no ga ta ri

忘れそうになったら この歌を   wa su re so u ni na tta ra ko no u ta wo

歌うの   u ta u no

Finally,a little bit of showing off, a little displayed of a wallpaper that I made recently on Black Rock Shooter:-

Till my next update then,TA-DAH!!!

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