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Angel Beats Anime Wallpaper-Angel Of Death

Just designed a new wallpaper on Angel Beats,might not be the coolest wallpaper that I designed,but I do say that it will give you another perpective on Angel Tachibana Kanade^v^\Hope you don’t get grossed out by all the tomato sauces … Continue reading

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Angel Beats Kuso Manga Strips 02

This is the 2nd kuso  manga strip I drawed Angel Beats I draw for SOSG Forum Group. Since the forum group is in China,so then again this whole thing is in chinese again…Enjoy!! Will make sure I keep updating, so … Continue reading

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Angel Beats Kuso Manga Strip 01

This is a kuso manga strip on the new Anime Angel Beats for China’s forum called SOSG ( you never heard of Angel Beats,you must have missed out alot about anime judging it is a popular anime around recently… so … Continue reading

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10 things Otakus unable to do in Malaysia

Although we Malaysian Otakus is able considerable cheap reprints of manga and DVDs around here, there is some limitation of what we can get &do around our home ground. Below are the 10 things that we Otakus unable to do … Continue reading

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A Meet-up with my life mentor Danny Choo

Last Sunday 16th May 2010,the Japan based famous blog writer and my inspiration of starting this blog  Danny Choo (Also known as the Tokyo dancing stormtrooper )has came to meet up with his fans in 10 Hutong Lot 10. I … Continue reading

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An Otariman’s room exposed!

For my 2nd post I would like to  give everyone a sneak peak on my room itself.Well, even though it probably wouldn’t be much to show compared to a heavy duty Otaku who might have their room filled with figures,but … Continue reading

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Me & Otaku culture-an intro of why I started this blog

Hi everyone and welcome to my blog!Since this is my 1st article,is better that I introduce myself myself…I am Haoh Kishin, an English translation of the kanji word 霸王机神(read it in Japanese and is how is pronounce…)The name is an … Continue reading

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