The arrival of the new Gundam series:Gundam AGE

It’s been a tradition of Bandai to announce a new Gundam series,so after the finishing of Gundam OO: Trail blazer,Bandai has yet announced the another new series:Gundam AGE

Below is the scannings from the Japanese Megazine:

Few understanding from the Megazines:

  • The new series will have three generations of father=>Furitto Asuno( kid in yellow suit in the centre), child=>Asemu Asuno (kid in black suit on the right), and descendant=>Kio Asuno (kid in white on the left) as the lead characters
  • The main characters are suppose to pilot the Gundam unit to fight against an unknown attacking enemy (UE) from outer space and save Earth in a “One Hundred Year War”
  • The main cast Gundam is Gundam AGE-1 (not confirmed if there is gonna have a AGE-2 OR AGE-3 but the possibility is high I say). Gundam AGE-1 can be augmented as the Gundam AGE-1 Titus (Red Frame) for more power, or as the Gundam AGE-1 Sparrow (Blue Frame)for more speed
  • Gundam AGE has a AGE system,a self adapting computer system

I always like Gundam due to the solid story board and realistic world view,but one look at the scan and when all I got is 3 elementary school kids taking their to drive Gundam to beat the crap out of the Aliens who try to invade earth,I was really disappointed….Surely someone pull a better plot than the same old plot used by all the Super Robots show in the 80’s,right?Of course,it is hard to judge anything at this point &let’s pray  hard that we are not gonna feel disappointed or speechless when we watch Gundam AGE this October==”

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April New Anime Intro~Are You Ready?~

Firstly I would like to extend my apologies for some of my readers who is looking out for my updates.I have been very busy about my works recently that updating my blog have been keeping to slip off my mind.Without after delay,the full list of the April/Spring anime…*clappy clap clap*




























Picture is too small?No prob…Below is the video introducing the new animes taken from Youtube:

Well,since I am a tad bit late of introducing the new anime,I will however comment some of the anime that is already out:

Kampfer season 2:Hmm…what should I say?This is your usual Harem anime,the director/author just conveniently change a boy/girl love situation to a GL situation by just changing the sex of the protagonist…

Dog Days:War is bad,when you have a war,you should make it into a game muscle stage tournament.Someone please introduce this anime to Gaddafi…

Nichijou:Simple anime with a good laugh…worth your time watching after a bad day…

Hen Zemi:A must see anime for every Hentai out there…It will implore the limits of your Henta-isme.Those who watched the OAD before will know what I mean…

Toriko: A food hunter story with a strong issue of Dragon Ball behind.The author must have always thought that rice comes out from the cooker and the meat grows out of the trees.If you are working in a kitchen of any chance,I really wouldn’t recommend you to watch this.

Hana-saku Iroha:Very good original anime with absolutely gorgeous graphics to add points to it.A healing anime to watch indeed.

Oretachi-ni tsubasa wa nai:A lots of healthy scenes for a healthy boy who is lonely at the weekend to watch

Hashisora e kakaru Hashi:Same as above.#2

Gintama:Do I really need to comment this one?!?!

Sengoku Hime:Same as above#3…Lots and lots of healthy scenes^^

Kaiji season 2:Shiwa…Shiwa…Kaiji is now confused…Shiwa,Shiwa….End of 1 episode

Steins Gate:A story of a self-claimed mad scientist who make nothing but lots of Den-pakku (电波)I got a slight headeache watching the 1st episode….

Sket Dance:=-=Why am I watching this?

Sofutenni:At 1st I thought is Prince(ss) Of Tennis,after I watch,it really doesn’t matter if they are playing tennis or not really…

A Channel:Chibi-chyan,please hit me with your bat,would you ?^^

Maria Holic:Alive:Nothing change since the 1st season-_-“

Asttarotte no Omocha:Another Kugimiya ( 钉宫理惠)virus spreading media.Another symbol of Tsundere has been borned to us today^^

The world only god will know season 2: 13 episodes is never enough for the God of Gal games,maybe they should be planning a long season of anime for it instead…

Seikon no Qwaser season:You say that there is not enough gals from the last season because the Protagonist is a boy and the scene is always n-1 gals in 1 screen?Well,rejoice and be glad now,for now our protagonist for this season is a female…or to exact,the same protagonist dressing as a female^^Man,talking about this anime makes me thirsty,I better go get my milk==”

For the others will be a small surprise for everyone,as for me,I am counting the days before Hiidan no Aria (Yes,I am a proud infected patient of Kugimiya Virus) and Aoi no Exorcist….

p/s:I will try to not to drag my next update that long…

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Happy Rabbit Chinese New Year!!!

Suzumiya bunny has just invaded your computer!!!But don’t worry,she just pulled Mikuru in her bunny suit just to wish a Happy Chinese New Year to everyone^^

Happy Chinese New Year again everyone^^

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Winter Anime 2011 Exposed!!!

Winter season anime list is out…but I must say….what a crisis for this season’s anime!!! A few that can be expected but the others is just…BOOORING!!!

Below are the list for the next season of anime:

Some preview of the upcoming animes (inclusives of some of the Spring season anime also:)

Apparently the Japanese folks are not so happy with the list of this season also,these are a few comments taken from Youtube by own Japanese folks after viewing the above video.

1.今期特に見たいものないんだが・・・期待できるのゾンビくらいだな    春に期待

  • Nothing that I really wanted to watch for this season but I guess the only one that expect will just be   Zombie (Kore wa Zombie desu ka )   Expecting for the Spring season
  • Nothing interesting….This is a ice age !    (p/s:I like this comment personally^^)
  • Expecting Sukedan (not very sure wat anime he is referring but my guess is Crimson Bullet Alia ) and Baka Test season 2 (Baka & Test & Summon Creature)   (p/s:Nope…he is expecting nothing from this season ^^)
Well ,for those who don’t a blank 3 months wait for the Spring season like myself,these are a few anime I will recommend:
  • IS:Infinite Stratos (Girls in power suit with big guns is a sure hit list in my heart^^)
  • Freezing (I don’t really know the story but it seems to be a quite serious story….with a lot of Fan service time with the gals ^^)
  • GOSICK (Gothic Lolita!!!!Yes, I have a serious illness for Gothic Lolita^^ That’s why it is called GOthic SICKness)
  • Beelzebub (popular series….but it seems to be a long series so I will only watched a few episodes only…continue if it is REALLY good)
  • Dragon Crisis (Don’t know the story,going for the nice artwork…)
  • Kore wa zombie desu ka (This looks interesting from the preview and the artwork,definitely a GO in my list)
  • Onii-chan no koto nanka zenzen suki janain dakara ne (You think that Oreno imouto title name is long?Well,this is even longer…What’s wrong with the sister topic and long title name?Can’t they make it short & nice?Damn…)

That’s all for the intro for the upcoming series,Happy New Year everyone ^^

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Merry X’mas!!!Otaku Style…

It’s 1 day more before Chrismas and you are all alone?Logging into the net because you can’t find a girl to spend with during Chrismas Eve?Don’t worry,Oni-chan has brought some Santa Girl (Akihabara Style) from to make sure that all lonely Otakus out there has a good day for this special season^^

All the Santa gals above is maintenance free and will be very happy to accompany you for Christmas^^ Merry Christmas Everyone…

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The blog has a new name!!!

The old name “Malaysia Otaku Culture Diary” tends to carry a lot of  weight and tends to give a meaning that I have to report like 70% of the Otaku culture in Malaysia,which is quite a Mission Impossible for a lone blog writer.I have decided to changed it to “Haoh Kishin’s Otaku Blog” which tends to sound more personal+ I can share more info outside of Malaysia.I have also made a new banner on Nymph (Sora Otoshi mono” to commemorate the change also ^^Till next update,Ta-dah….


Saber-chan’s Singapore Adventure








Master seems to be very busy to update his blog lately,probably it will be best for me to help master at these times.But what should I write as an article?Hmm….I know !How about I write about the dating outing I gone with Master last month in Singapore after the AFA X?Master will be so proud of me if he found this  ^^

For those who never met my master in person,this is my master.Master don’t usually like publicity,so let’s keep this as a secret between you and me,o.k?After all,Master came here just to let me see the Singapore’s lion statue.

“No,Master!I know that you are thirsty,but that is not a drinking fountain….”

“What?The commotion just now is just a joke?You are actually treating me for a ice coffee instead?Master 大好き♥”


Later that evening,master gave me a little suprise…

“Master,this is ….why are there so many of my sisters here?”

Nanoha Onea-chan has been so kind to tell me about Singapore CGM night….

“Must I do this pose,Master?It’s embarassing…”

Master has treated me for a REALLY REALLY big bowl of Beef Ramen,if only I could reach it…..

Master says I am too short to ride,I am gonna prove him wrong…

All the Onea-chan is so beautiful…Master,would I grow up to be like them one day?Master?Why are you sighing?

Oh,did I mentioned that there’s a special cafe for ourselves when our Masters is busy?Mio-chan is so cute in her maid dress,don’t you agree?Master,do you think I can dress up as one also?

“For the 50 times now,you can’t occupy the table when you are not ordering anything…Hellooo…you hear me?”

Cooking also never comes easy when the tin food is actually alive and sperms out shadows,good thing I brought my Excalibur out for the trip….

Master,what you think you doing?I can’t believe you would look at other girls when I am around….

Master was able to meet Danny Choo for the second time since the Malaysia meet-up.Saber is so happy for Master…

Master also gets to meet some comrades also…Really master, you should have worn my T shirt instead…

Master gets a signature from Danny Choo on his portrait he bought at AFA X,let me tell you a secret,he is so happy that he can’t sleep for the whole three days…Master is so immatured sometimes ^^

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